What do you think about demonstrating ?


Demonstrating is a kind of activism I am not familiar with. However yesterday was the World March Against Monsanto/Bayer in Paris I had to go and see what happened !


I am convinced that further than denunciating (which is essential and I am really impressed by people involved in the organization of such mobilization), we should go and find solutions, talk to people in a positive way, to reach a larger audience and give people concrete actions they can do everyday like :
– know where your food come from to spend your money wisely ;
– grow your own plants and vegetables to realize what “seasons” and “soil” mean ;
– participate to conferences to inform yourself and talk about it around you ;
– go and work in farms to realize how your food is grown ;
– …


The Seed Tour aims to grow this list by taking inspiration all around the world ! If you already have things to add, just share it with us !





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