What is the Seed Tour about ?



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To know more about what is at stake with seeds, you can read this page : https://seedtour.org/what-is-at-stake-with-seeds/ 

The situation today on the seeds market is made by various stakeholders :

  • farmers
  • thinkers (scientists, philosophers, agronomists, economists, etc.)
  • public institutions
  • private companies
  • civil society (NGO, associations, etc.)
  • and consumers (you).


The Seed Tour is an open media dedicated to empower consumers giving them concrete solutions to act in their daily purchases to encourage an agriculture based on a conscient and free choice of the seeds we plant.

The Seed Tour has 3 missions :

  • INFORM about the seeds market in the world and how the situation is not positive for the development of resilient economies, and for the protection of environment and our health.
  • EMPOWER consumers making them understand how each cent they spend impact the food market and that they have the power to change the situation.
  • OFFER CONCRETE SOLUTIONS to consumers that they can apply or build in their daily life to change their consumption and foster alternatives in agriculture.

The Seed Tour will achieve these 3 missions thanks to short interviews of thinkers and doers linked to the seeds market during 1 year (January-December 2018) in 4 countries : Mexico, Senegal, France and India.

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To know who’s involved, click here :  https://seedtour.org/the-seeders/


Pour en savoir plus sur les enjeux liés aux semences paysannes c’est par là : https://seedtour.org/what-is-at-stake-with-seeds/ et il y a aussi une partie en français !

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    1. Bonjour Gabriel ! Merci pour ton commentaire. Oui bien sûr le projet continue ! Des vidéos sont encore à venir, l’association Culture Graines est active et je travaille sur un projet de ferme 🙂 La suite par mail !


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