Behind the Seed Tour there are seeders

Hi Seeders !

My name is Auriane Bertrand, I come from Montigny-lès-Metz in the east of France and I created the Seed Tour in 2017 to federate those who care about seeds and want to change their consumption behaviour to foster a conscient and free choice of the seeds we plant. 


I am not an agronomist, neither a journalist, nor a farmer, I am just passionated by the way we produce food and very enthusiastic to find solutions to foster tomorrow’s agriculture (to know more about me you can check my Linkedin or Twitter account).

In 2018, I am leaving for one year (January to December) to meet those who think, act, and find solutions to push the seeds market towards farmers’ seeds. I’ll be 3 months in Mexico to study corn, 3 months in Senegal about vegetables, 3 months in France about wheat and 3 months in India about rice, following the harvest seasons :


The Seed Tour is an open media where everyone can collaborate and post interviews about solutions to impact the seeds market and make it positive for environment, health and countries food sovereignty.

Everyone contributing to the open project is a seeder ! Don’t hesitate to bring your own contribution if you care about the topic :

They are the seeders :

  • Anne Alice, Leena and Julie : revision of the executive summary (from December 2016 !)
  • Loïc : design of the logo and design advices
  • The Mutinerie Village team : ok to use pictures I took of their place for the Seed Tour identity !
  • Edith and Sophie : help on the first steps of the project (what do we do ? where do we go ?)
  • Sarah from Lallab, Maud from Food Sense Tour in América del Sur, Bruno from Food Sense Tour, Capucine from In Focus Abroad, Nicolas from NAH World Tour, Justine from YES tour in Indian Ocean,  Basile for wwoofing, Coralie from Water you Acting for ? : inspiration and great advices
  • Léa, Samy and Antoine from MakeSense : support in the SenseTour organization
  • Hélène from La Ruche qui dit Oui ! : first event for the Seed Tour (Florence as well ! and Jérôme for coming !) and advice regarding editorial content
  • Juliette and Elise : great agronomics advisers !
  • Clément, Flore and Camille from la Télé Libre : video support, and great training
  • Charline from Charline Photography : help with photography
  • Lorena : advice about Mexico
  • Amit from Oorja : advice about India
  • Yohann from Yohlekid : advice on my first video and for the equipment
  • Guillaume : sound equipment purchases
  • Jehanne and Guilhem : great discussion and great contacts !
  • Clémentine and Camille from Les Assises Néo-paysannes : trust and great contacts
  • Jérémi from La Ruche qui dit Oui ! : “How to ask 1-year off to your company” 😉
  • Vincent and Quentin from Hopwork : total trust and support to give me one year off
  • Lucie from La Ruche qui dit Oui ! : advice and great support
  • Charly, Nadia, Marion, Leena, Lorena : budget revision
  • Radhia : energy, advices and support
  • Audrey and Clotilde from SOL : invitation to La Ferme Sainte Marthe and make great interviews happen !
  • Nils : here to borrow me her camera when mine have no more battery
  • Tolik from MakeSense Amsterdam : link with Aseed !
  • Raphaël : link with Solène in Berlin
  • Catherine Flohic from Les Semences en Questions : ITW #1
  • Sonia from Aseed : ITW#2
  • Flip from Aseed : ITW#3
  • Solène from Open City Garden : ITW#4
  • Clotilde from SOL : ITW#5
  • Swen from La Sauge : ITW#6
  • Jennifer from Share the Seed : great inspiration and contacts
  • Adélie for her daily help with the blog
  • Mélanie, Emmanuelle, Caroline, Evelyn : time and great lunch, contacts, ideas, advices, and feedback
  • Laure, Patrick, Clotilde, Alizé, Mathieu : sponsoring presentation revision
  • Dimitri, Laureline and Pauline : great video training with On The Green Road
  • Marion and Nadia : for joining in Mexico and India !
  • Matteo from For Food Sake : advice about how to do podcasts
  • and all those who share publications (Aurélien !), comment, post, send me links, information, contacts, ideas, feedback, or simply support me daily you’re all seeders and the farmers’ seeds need you 😀

Want to become a seeder and help the project growing ? Contact me :

Want to go further and support the Seed Tour with : money, communication, equipment, anything else ? Check out this page :