To watch : Share the Seed

Hi seeders !

What a nice week-end to relax, enjoy your free time and watch a great movie about SEEDS.

I recently met Jennifer Kendzior, she’s an anthropologist, has a master in agroecology and participated to a research project in Bukavu, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo (for those who don’t know Bukavu (??) it’s right here :

The research project was about food security in rural areas, specifically looking into the spread of new technologies – in this case, new seed varieties and agricultural techniques.

To go further with the topic and find more insights, she decided to use forum theatre techniques with people living there, and the greatest thing is that she took her camera and document it for us !




The name of the short doc is SHARE THE SEED, and it’s really worth watching it to realize how the seed question is different regarding each region (cc Maxime I really changed my mind on it ). It’s available in English, French and soon in Swahili !

Find more :

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