Video training with On The Green Road association


On The Green Road is a movie made by two crazy guys riding the world in bicycle and questioning people about ecology, what they think and what they do. Check it out : 

Some weeks ago, I participated to one of their video trainings, this is an image of a video we made :


After their travel experience, they now aim to help people leaving on a socially/environmentally committed adventure to master the video technique so that they can bring good images to you.


If you still think that bokeh refers to a turkish sandwich just ask Dimitri Foucault he will explain you that it is this arty blur you can have behing the interviewee. Below is the best bokeh I did so far (classic tulips in Amsterdam) !


In this training I met Fleur Casassus which is currently doing a tour about happiness at work, it’s called Optimistic workers. If you’re not happy with your job just take inspiration from it. She’s here :


I also met Radhia Slmni who is preparing a big tour to film a documentary about waste pickers… to know more about the initiative follow the The Gold Diggers Project !

I hope these projects and videos can help us to be inspired to take action on our countries, and to create a big network of people heading to the same ideals.




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