Le Jardin des Plantes


This Thursday we took the time to go and explore La Grande Serre (the great greenhouse) and La Galerie Botanique (botanical gallery) in Jardin des Plantes in Paris.

Did you ever think about what pepper looks like in real life ?

I learnt that seeds have not always existed ! They appeared in the Permian era 300 millions years ago when Coniferous (conifères) appeared. They were the first trees to wear these particular reproductive organs.

This is a Gingko tree ! There are part of the first species of tree on Earth, I saw a lot of them in South Korea !

In Paris we are lucky to have this Jardin des Plantes, the first greenhouses were built in the 18th century ! It is also the location of the greatest herbarium in Europe and the greatest seed bank in France.

This is inside “La Grande Serre” which means the great greenhouse.

Crazy fact : Did you know that lotus seeds can wait 1300 years before germinate ? I hope I can see some in India !

Have you ever seen the flower of a cactus ?


This is an Agave ! I hope to see a lot of these in Mexico


La Grande Serre from the outside


Behind this window is the greatest herbarium of Europe ! I hope we can get in there one day.

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